Breakfast Pita

Since I have stopped eating dairy in 2009, I had to abandon¬†my breakfast of choice: milk with sugar and buttery French brioche. Fortunately, living in Asia made the transition to savory breakfast not that hard and I honestly think it would be difficult for me to come back to eating sweet things first thing in... Continue Reading →

Refreshing Tuna Rillettes

A while ago I had a discussion with my boyfriend about his perceived superiority of Italian food versus most other cuisine. One of his arguments was that there was no truly French dish known throughout the world, at least not in the same way pizza, pesto and mozzarella was. It broke my - snobbish -... Continue Reading →

Spicy Sausages and Saffron Risotto

Rice, rice, rice ! Finally I can go back to eating rice. So I made one of my favorite dishes: risotto.¬†Risotto is a very hearty Italian dish, eaten all year round in all part of Italy. I love how firm the rice is and how it contrast with the overall creaminess of the dish, however... Continue Reading →

Japanese Soba “Donburi”

Last week, on the 6th of July I had my first of two interventions for my wisdom teeth. Since then I have not been eating anything very rewarding and I have been craving some Japanese style summer noodles. One of the traditional ways to eat soba noodles in Japan - they are buckwheat thin noodles... Continue Reading →

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