ACT is the result of a half drunken joke between me, my boyfriend and a terrible bottle of wine.

I am, Mathilde, a French woman who has been influenced by many cultures. My mom grew up in the French Caribbean and I have lived mostly out of France, travelling. So food at home was never quite traditional but rather a fusion of all the cuisines we tasted.

My first experience with cooking was a really “nice” mixture of Nutella, mustart, jam and other dubbious ingredients I made as a prank to my little brother. I actually ate a little and pretended it was really good just to have him eat it as well. And he did! He was 7 and still remembers it now ^^ Let’s say I have come a long way since then…

With that in mind – and because I’m terribly easy to convince while tipsy – my cute boyfriend suggested that it could be fun to play Chefs in our very small kitchen.

So what is ACT about?

Dedicated to good food with no clear origins, inspired by a place but most probably fusioned with flavours from the other side of the world. Easy to cook on a day to day basis, no fuss and small kitchen approved.

Healthy – mostly – but more importantly dairy free, since I’m unfortunately allergic to milk protein, and gluten-free tested, since my mom is celiac and I test prove most recipes for her.


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